The Goodfellas is an Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Characters & IRL People InvolvedEdit

  • Tommy Vercetti (GTA VC)
  • Ray Liotta (voice actor of Tommy Vercetti (GTA VC)) (actor in Martin Scorsese's mafia movie (Goodfellas))
  • Martin Scorsese (created the mafia movie (Goodfellas))


  • Tommy Vercetti is voiced by an actor in The Goodfellas: Ray Liotta.
  • GTA VC pays homage to the criminal movies that left their mark in cinematography like Scarface, Carlito's Way, The Godfather, & of course The Goodfellas.
  • Tommy Vercetti's thoughts are heard in those moments of transition between the end of a cutscene & the beginning of the gameplay, just like Ray Liotta narrates the story in Goodfellas.
  • Two missions in GTA VC are a direct reference to two films where Ray Liotta is also the protagonist, The Cop Land (1997) and No Escape (1994.)