Coke-Addict Lawyer is an Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Characters & IRL People InvolvedEdit

  • Ken Rosenberg (GTA VC) (Tommy Vercetti's paranoid & drug-addicted lawyer)
  • David Kleinfeld (Carlito's Way) (interpreted by Sean Penn) (looks similar to Ken Rosenberg)
  • Sean Penn (Interpreter of David Kleinfeld)


  • Ken Rosenberg: Tommy Vercetti's paranoid & drug-addicted lawyer is based on the character David Kleinfeld in the movie Carlito's Way.
  • Kleinfeld, interpreted by Sean Penn, looks a lot like Ken Rosenberg.
  • As Carlito's Way progresses so does David Kleinfeld's paranoid behavior & incoherence caused by his use of cocaine.
  • Ken Rosenberg's office is similar to Kleinfeld's.